Day 1 - 28 Oct.

session start speaker title
0. Opening (10:30 - 10:45)
1. Gravitational wave (GW) Observation (Chair: N. Kanda)
10:45 Peter S. Shawhan (invited) (pdf) LIGO in the O3 run, the 3rd LIGO detector, and 3G plans
11:15 Marica Branchesi (invited) (pdf) Advanced Virgo and the multi-messenger astronomy including gravitational waves
11:45 Takaaki Kajita (invited) (pdf) Status of KAGRA and its science goals
12:15 Soichiro Morisaki (pdf) Prompt and accurate sky localization of gravitational-wave sources
12:30 Paul Lasky (pdf) Gravitational waves from post-merger remnants
(Lunch) 12:45
2. Electromagnetic (EM) counterpart of GW sources (Chair: B. Zhang)
14:15 Kenta Kiuchi (invited) (pdf) Current status of a numerical modeling of binary neutron star mergers and short gamma-ray bursts
14:45 Kenta Hotokezaka (invited) (pdf) Theory of kilonova and afterglow
15:15 Kunihito Ioka (pdf) Spectral puzzle of the off-axis gamma-ray burst in GW170817
15:30 Hamid Hamidani (pdf) Jet propagation and cocoon emission in neutron star mergers and GW170817
(break) 15:45
16:05 Daniel Siegel (invited) (pdf) Heavy elements from short and long gamma-ray bursts
16:50 Lekshmi Resmi (pdf) GMRT campaign of GW 170817/GRB 170817A
17:05 Susumu Inoue X-raying r-process nucleosynthesis in neutron star mergers
17:20 Eric Howell (pdf) Joint gravitational wave - gamma-ray burst detection rates in the present and future
17:35 Tatsuya Matsumoto (pdf) Generalized compactness limit and its application to GRB 170817A
17:50 Stefano Ascenzi (pdf) A luminosity distribution for kilonovae based on short gamma-ray burst afterglows

Day 2 - 29 Oct.

session start speaker title
3. EM counterpart survey of GW sources (Chair: J. Racusin)
3.1 Radio survey
9:00 Alexander van der Horst (invited) (pdf) Radio Probes of GRB & GW Jets
3.2 IR/optical survey
9:30 Michitoshi Yoshida (invited) (pdf) Optical - infrared follow-up of gravitational wave sources by J-GEM
10:00 Myungshin Im (pdf) GECKO: Gravitational-wave EM Counterpart Korean Observatory
10:15 Christina Thöne (pdf) The GRANDMA global network for GW optical counterpart detection
3.3 X-ray survey
10:30 Eleonora Troja (invited) (pdf) Neutron star mergers across the electromagnetic spectrum
11:00 Nobuyuki Kawai (pdf) MAXI Observations of GRB and GW counterparts
11:15 Aaron Tohuvavohu (pdf) Swift in the GW era
Poster session (I) 11:30
(Lunch) 12:00
Poster session (II) 13:30
3.4 Gamma-ray survey
14:00 Eric Burns (invited) (pdf) Future science with gamma-ray observations of neutron star mergers
14:30 Yuta Kawakubo (pdf) Search for electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources with CALET
14:45 Jochen Greiner (pdf) Fermi/GBM as transient monitor and more
3.5 other survey
15:00 Ruoyu Liu (invited) (pdf) Implication of IceCube's observation for GRBs
15:30 Shigeo Kimura (pdf) High-energy neutrinos from neutron star mergers
(break) 15:45
4. Future survey missions (Chair: N. Kawai)
16:05 Jean-luc Atteia (pdf) The SVOM mission
16:20 Paul O'Brien (pdf) THESEUS – the Transient High Energy Survey and Early Universe Surveyor
16:35 Daisuke Yonetoku (pdf) High-z gamma-ray bursts unraveling the dark ages and extreme space-time mission - HiZ-GUNDAM
16:50 Judith Racusin (pdf) Future Missions for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
17:05 Nicholas White (pdf) The Gamow Explorer: A Gamma-Ray Burst Mission to Study the High Redshift Universe
17:20 Daniela Hadasch (pdf) GRB observations with CTA Large Size Telescopes
17:35 Eric Grove (pdf) Glowbug, a Gamma-Ray Telescope for Bursts and Other Transients
17:50 Masanori Ohno (pdf) "CAMELOT" - a future gamma-ray all-sky observations with a fleet of CubeSats

Day 3 - 30 Oct.

session start speaker title
5. Prompt GRB emission (Chair: J.-L. Atteia)
9:00 J. Michael Burgess (invited) (pdf) The modeling of GRB spectra from poisson distributions to synchrotron emission
9:30 Magnus Axelsson (pdf) High-energy emission from GRBs: A decade of Fermi-LAT observations
9:45 Anastasia Tsvetkova (pdf) Konus-Wind observations of gamma-ray bursts with known redshifts
10:00 Sylvain Guiriec (pdf) Broadband modeling of the GRB prompt emission from optical to gamma-rays
10:15 Gor Oganesyan (pdf) Prompt optical emission in support of synchrotron radiation in Gamma-Ray Bursts
10:30 Maria Edvige Ravasio (pdf) GRB prompt emission spectra: the synchrotron revenge
10:45 Shuta Tanaka (pdf) Acceleration of Relativistic Jets with Tangled Magnetic Field
11:00 Felix Ryde (pdf) Emission from radiation-dominated flows in gamma-ray bursts
11:15 Norita Kawanaka (pdf) Instability in neutrino dominated accretion flows and application to gamma-ray bursts
Late breaking news (Chair: T. Sakamoto) 11:30
(Lunch) 12:00
13:30 Bing Zhang (invited) (pdf) GRB prompt emission theory
14:00 Frédéric Piron (pdf) A new fitting function for GRB MeV spectra based on the internal shock synchrotron model
14:15 Hirotaka Ito (pdf) Numerical simulation of photospheric emission in gamma-ray bursts
14:30 Jin Matsumoto (pdf) The stability of the gamma-ray burst jet propagating through a progenitor star
6. Polarization of GRBs (Chair: D. Yonetoku)
14:45 Kenji Toma (invited) (pdf) GRB Polarization: an overview
(break) 15:15
15:35 Merlin Kole (invited) (pdf) Gamma-Ray Burst Polarization Measurements with POLAR
16:05 Klaas Wiersema (invited) (pdf) Polarimetry of GRB afterglows and related transients
16:35 Shabnam Iyyani (pdf) Poynting flux dominated hybrid outflow in long GRB 160821A
16:50 Vidushi Sharma (pdf) Probing the emission mechanism of GRBs using spectral and polarisation observations
17:05 Odelia Teboul (pdf) Impact of ISM magnetic fields on GRB afterglow polarization
(Banquet) 19:00

Day 4 - 31 Oct.

session start speaker title
7. GRB afterglow (Chair: P. O’Brien)
9:00 Antonio de Ugarte Postigo (invited) (pdf) GRB171205A/SN2017iuk: A new standard for GRB studies
9:30 Hendrik van Eerten (invited) (pdf) theoretical progress in GRB afterglows
10:00 Andrea Rossi (pdf) A comparison between short GRB afterglows and kilonova AT2017gfo
10:15 Geoffrey Ryan (pdf) Structured jets at all angles
10:30 Katsuaki Asano (pdf) Ultra high-energy cosmic ray production at the deceleration onset of the GRB outflow
10:45 Samantha Oates (pdf) Exploring the behaviour of long gamma-ray bursts with an intrinsic multi-wavelength afterglow correlation
11:00 Gavin Lamb (pdf) Reverse-shocks in short GRBs – the case of GRB160821B and prospects as gravitational-wave counterparts
11:15 Kazuya Takahashi (pdf) Inverse reconstruction of jet structure from off-axis gamma-ray burst afterglows
(Lunch) 11:30
13:00 Maria Grazia Bernardini (pdf) Gamma-ray bursts and magnetars: observational signatures and predictions in the multi-messenger era
13:15 Taylor Jacovich (pdf) Synchrotron self-Compton effects on afterglow modeling
13:30 Eliot Ayache (pdf) Moving-Mesh simulations of Gamma-ray burst afterglow flares
13:45 Tanmoy Laskar (pdf) ALMA Detection of a Linearly Polarised Reverse Shock in GRB 190114C
8. Special session: Very high energy gamma-rays from GRBs (Chair: K. Ioka)
14:00 Daniel Kocevski (invited) (pdf) The high energy detection of GRB 190114C
14:30 Koji Noda (invited) (pdf) Discovery of VHE gamma rays from GRB 190114C
(break) 15:00
15:20 Susumu Inoue (invited) (pdf) Physics and implications of the TeV emission from GRB 190114C detected by MAGIC
15:50 Elisabetta Bissaldi (pdf) H.E.S.S. late-time detection of GRB 180720B
9. High-z GRBs (Chair: D. Perley)
16:05 Tomonori Totani (invited) (pdf) GRBs as a reionization probe / FRBs and short GRBs from neutron star mergers
16:35 Tomoya Kinugawa (pdf) Long gamma-ray burst rate at very high redshift
16:50 Kasper Elm Heintz (pdf) Illuminating high-redshift molecular clouds with GRB optical afterglows
17:05 John Graham A Surprising Lack of LGRB Metallicity Evolution with Redshift
17:20 Susanna Vergani (pdf) Long GRBs as tools to probe the high-redshift universe
17:35 Nial Tanvir (pdf) Illuminating the reionization era with GRBs
17:50 Maria Dainotti (pdf) Extracting redshift for GRBs with a machine learning approach

Day 5 - 1 Nov.

session start speaker title
10. GRB host galaxy (N. Tanvir)
9:00 Daniel Perley (invited) (pdf) The Host-Galaxy environments of extreme transients
9:30 Paolo D'Avanzo (invited) (pdf) The host galaxies of short GRBs
10:00 Tetsuya Hashimoto (pdf) Why are some gamma-ray bursts hosted by oxygen-rich galaxies?
10:15 Mattia Toffano (pdf) The host galaxies of double compact objects across cosmic time
10:30 Allister Cockeram (pdf) Probing star formation at z~5 with HST imaging of long GRB host galaxies
10:45 Patricia Schady (pdf) Studying the progenitors of long GRBs through their nearby environments
11:00 Bunyo Hatsukade (pdf) ALMA Observations of molecular gas in the host galaxies of long-duration GRBs
11. Closure


No. name title
1 Björn Ahlgren Subphotospheric dissipation in Joint Fermi-Swift observations of prompt GRBs
2 Mehmet Deniz Aksulu Energetics and opening angles of Gamma-ray bursts from detailed afterglow modellin
3 Damien Begue The problematic connection between gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECR)
4 Hüsne Dereli Bégué Bayesian Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of GRB Pulses: alpha-Intensity Correlation
5 Francesco Berlato Improved Fermi-GBM locations with BALROG
6 Björn Biltzinger Earth Albedo and Cosmic Gamma-Ray Background Constraints from Fermi/GBM
7 Gal Birenbaum Mapping the polarization of synchrotron radiation from dissipation regions in relativistic MHD jets
8 Laurent Bouchet SVOM/ECLAIRs: GEANT4 simulation of the camera prototypes
9 Laurent Bouchet A fast, accurate method for dynamic background simulations of hard X-ray instruments
10 Vikas Chand MAGICal GRB 190114C: cutoff in the spectrum at sub-GeV energies
11 Ji-Gui Cheng Off-axis GRB 170817A vs. on-axis GRB 130603B: Jet Structure and Physical Parameters Inferred from the Prompt and Afterglow Data
12 Jean-Pascal Dezalay Effective Area of the SVOM/Eclairs CdTe detector plane
13 Olivier Godet The performance of the ECLAIRs detection plane
14 canceled
15 Christopher Irwin The propagation of choked jet outflows in power-law external media
16 Alyson Joens BurstCube: Mission Concept, Current Status, and Future Possibilities
17 Yasuaki Kagawa Exponential Temporal Decay of Extended Emissions following Short Gamma-Ray Bursts with a Possible Correlation Between the Luminosity and Time Constant
18 Daisuke Katsukura The energy dependence of the time constants in the exponential decaying phase of the prompt emission, observed by Swift/BAT and XRT
19 canceled
20 Fumiko Kawazoe QFIRS – An integrated structured educational programme for doctoral students and postdocs in Hannover and Braunschweig
21 Shota Kisaka Scattered Short Gamma-Ray Bursts as Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Waves
22 Shoma Kotani Real-time analyses of Swift/XRT data by a full automatic system for finding unknown objects
23 Jin Li Performance Evaluation and Simulations of Lobster Eye Optics
24 Amy Lien Swift/BAT prompt counterpart search for LIGO/VIRGO triggers
25 Haoxiang Lin Very-high-energy gamma-ray afterglows from binary neutron star mergers
26 Soheb Mandhai An insight into the hosts galaxies and environments of merging compact binary objects
27 DUAN MAOMAO ARICA: Evaluate a Real-time Alert using the Commercial Satellite Networks
28 Michael Moss Characterizing Observed vs Rest Frame GRB Durations
29 Katsuhiro Murata Optical follow-up observation for early phase GRB afterglows with the MITSuME telescopes
30 Moeka Nakamura Electromagnetic counterpart search for gravitational wave sources and GRB follow-up by AROMA-N and TARGET
31 Yuu Niino Optical follow-up observations of GW events with the wide-field CMOS camera Tomo-e Gozen
32 Hiroki Nishida A systematic study of GRB occurred out of the MAXI-GSC’s FOV
33 Gor Oganesyan X-ray plateaus in gamma-ray bursts explained by structured jets
34 Kenya Ogasawara Development of X-Ray Optical System for All-Sky Monitor
35 Naoki Ogino Performance verification of detecting soft X-rays and radiation tolerance with a next generation Si CMOS detector for HiZ–GUNDAM
36 Norisuke Ohmori Temporal and Spectral studies of GRBs detected by the Suzaku Wide-band All-sky Monitor (WAM)
37 Kouji Ohta Prompt optical follow-up spectroscopy with Seimei 3.8m telescope
38 Sandor Pinter High-redshift galaxy cluster candidates of GRB hosts with photometric redshift
39 Graziella Pizzichini Gamma-Ray Bursts at high redshift
40 Nicolas Produit POLAR-2: The First Large Scale Gamma-Ray Polarimeter
41 Shota Saito Search for X-ray transients objects in Suzaku XIS data
42 Takanori Sakamoto Search for GW 170817-like event in the BAT triggered samples
43 Om Sharan Salafia Punching through the diversity of gamma-ray burst jets
44 Nikhil Sarin Gravitational waves or deconfined quarks: what causes the premature collapse of neutron stars born in short gamma-ray bursts?
45 Nikhil Sarin Interpreting the X-ray afterglows of short gamma-ray bursts with radiative losses
46 Tatsuya Sawano Localization of Soft X-ray Transients with a Wide-Field Coded Aperture X-ray Imaging System Loaded on a Micro-satellite
47 Satoshi Sugita MAXI observation of EM counterparts of GW events in O1-O3
48 numata tatsuya Classification of Gamma-ray Bursts using Zooniverse
49 Le Duc Thong Searching for space- time variation of the fine structure constant using strong gravitational fields
50 SARA TOMITA Magnetic Field Amplification in the Weibel Mediated Shocks Propagating into Inhomogeneous Plasmas
51 Yuji Urata First Detection of Radio Linear Polarization of GRB Afterglow
52 Donald Warren Thermal electrons in GRB afterglows: causes and effects
53 Di Xiao Determining the efficiency of converting magnetar spin-down energy into gamma-ray burst X-ray afterglow emission and its possible implications
54 Kazutaka Yamaoka SOlar Neutron and Gamma-ray Spectroscopy (SONGS) Mission
55 rahmani yassine Multi-wavelengths fitting of Gamma-ray burst's Afterglow's Light Curves: External shock modeling with Synchrotron Emission
56 Yuki Yoshida Investigation of the similarities in a prompt emission and an X-ray afterglow between short and long GRBs
57 Simone Dichiara Short gamma-ray bursts within 200 Mpc
58 Henri TRIOU Science performance of the ECLAIRs X/Gamma rays telescope within the SVOM GRB mission
59 Ryo Yamazaki Less noticeable shallow decay phase in early X-ray afterglows of GeV/TeV-detected gamma-ray bursts

(58 posters)

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